File Setup & Upload

Setup & Upload Info

Uploading Files

We now recommend using an online file transfer service to send files to us.  After researching hosting our own file upload site and maintaining the site so it is secure and reliable we came to the conclusion that using one of the easy to use services works best.

Service that we have tested and have preformed well:

WeTransfer (free)

      • No account required up to 2gb of files
      • File remain on service for 7 days
      • Password protection of file not available in free version

Firefox Send (free)

    • No account required up to 2.5gb
    • Ability to password protect files for security
    • File remains on the site for 24 hours or 1 time downloaded

Other File Transfer Methods

  • CD/DVD
  • Flash drive
  • Email to
  • Provide a PDF layout or hardcopy proof.

File Setup

File Formats:

  • Preferred formats are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Print-Ready PDF files.
  • Others include Publisher and Powerpoint. (Additional charge for Publisher and Powerpoint)


  • Set up files at 100% of final size if possible.
  • Resolution of images should be 100-150 ppi at 100% for large format graphics,
  • Resolution of images should be 200-300 ppi at 100% for high quality smaller prints.(If setting up files at 50% size, images should be 2x the resolution (200-300ppi for large format, 400-600ppi for high quality smaller prints). 25% – 4x resolution.)

Color Specifications:

  • RGB files work fine but if you have specific PMS colors or your original files are CMYK, use CMYK.
  • Fabric banner prints need to be CMYK.
  • Our default profiles used are AdobeRGB and US Swop Coated CMYK.

Link Image Files:

  • Illustrator – link files (don’t embed), in case corrections are needed.

Special Effects:

  • Illustrator and InDesign special effects such as glows, transparencies, gradients, and drop shadows; do not always print correctly, create them in Photoshop. Adding a little noise to gradients can help in stepping


  • Convert fonts to outlines. If fonts are not outlined or need to be adjusted, provide Macintosh or Tru Type fonts with the file.


  • Include 1/4 inch bleed for smaller prints.
  • 1/2 inch bleed for larger than 30 x 40.
  • 2 inch for fabric banners.

Multi-Panel Layouts

  • When designing a multi-panel graphic, build as one file. We will split the panels up in printing. Try to minimize type that crosses over the panel breaks.

Saving Files:

  • Save Photoshop/image files as psd, tiff or jpg. Jpg files should be of high quality and not overly compressed or sharpened.
  • Save Illustrator files as ai or eps.
  • Save PDF files with the highest quality print settings.  Be sure to include bleed and crop marks.