Backwall Accents

Formulate® Master Backwall Accents enhance the functionality of any Formulate Master 10ft or 20ft backwall and add more real estate for messaging and product display. With monitor supports, literature pockets, shelves, tables, counters and more, it is easy to find the accent that best suits any need. Find the perfect messaging addition to your master backwall today!


Formulate® Ladder accents are a simple way to add dimension and messaging to many Formulate Master 10ft and 20ft backwalls. With a variety of styles to choose from including graphic panels for additional messaging space, ladders to display products or awards, monitor mounts for digital messaging and more, the options are endless!


Formulate Master Backwall Connectors are an ideal accessory to connect two 10ft or 20ft Formulate backwalls. Featuring a lightweight aluminum tube frame, pillowcase fabric graphic and unique eye-catching designs, the connectors easily attach to the two backwalls to create the appearance of one seamless display. Options featuring monitor mounts are available to convert into a multimedia display.


Formulate Canopies & Dividers are a simple way to enhance the design and messaging real estate of the Formulate Master 20ft Straight backwall. Dividers are available define and separate exhibit spaces, and canopies add additional space to broadcast branding and messaging. It has never been easier to accent and enhance your messaging.