Whether you are displaying products in a showroom, looping videos of your store or portfolio at a trade show, in a retail setting or displaying a welcome message in your lobby, kiosk displays convey media with style. Displays couple sturdy aluminum hardware with rigid graphic panels or printed fabric graphics, while remaining durable and portable. Added table tops, counters and monitor mounts make for a functional kiosk with a custom look and flare! Counter tops are available in four thermoform laminate finishes for versatility. Browse the wide range of kiosks available to find the one that is right for your needs!


Make a stylish statement with Formulate® tension fabric kiosks and charging stations. With four unique styles to choose from, kiosks are sure to impress. Combining lightweight but sturdy aluminum tube frames with state-of-the-art pillowcase fabric graphics for a clean appearance, these kiosks durably display multi-media messaging. Added counters in the front of the display make it easy to add literature or product to accompany digital messaging, and make it simple for viewers to interact with the display. Find your full-service messaging kiosk today! Formulate Charging Stations provide on-the-go charging capabilities for the busy show attendee, retail customer or event participant. Stations come with a multitude of different charger types and styles to fit nearly any cellular or tablet device on the market, and are ideal to add value to a trade show exhibit or at an event.


Vector Frame™ fabric monitor kiosks are a sleek, stylish way to display media at any trade show, event, and in retail and corporate spaces. The kiosks feature sleek push-fit fabric graphics, easy-to-assemble 100mm (4") extrusion frames, and a choice of single or double-sided graphics and one or two monitor mounts. These geometric kiosks are ideal complements to the Vector Frame line of banners, backwalls, exhibit kits and counters.


Linear Pro kiosks add function and flair to any space. Providing unique design elements for a custom look, these kiosks couple aluminum extrusion based construction with rigid graphic infill panel accents, creating a display that is durable and long lasting. Displays are accented by fabric canopies, and/or printed or frosted Plexiglas panels for a versatile, modern appearance.


Orbital Express™ Truss Kiosks are the perfect way to display media and/or literature at any trade show, event, retail or corporate space. With a range of styles to choose from, including digital displays, literature displays and kiosks that combine both digital messaging and literature, there is a footprint and display to fit any need. With choices to support monitors up to 70" wide and hold up to 20 pieces of literature, the opportunities are endless. Kiosks utilize durable truss frames with thermoform laminate bases and countertops, and complement the Orbital Express Truss line of 10'20' and 20' x 20' displays.